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I JUST wanna look good for you… uh-huh


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Couldn’t help but think of my girl, Selena when I put this little date night outfit together. Or maybe I’m running out of titles. Either way, when date night comes around and you just wanna look good for your boo thang, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be Yourself – just a sexier version of yourself. If sexy is not for you, do one thing you don’t normally do to add some umph!
2. Be Comfortable – to a degree. You should be able to bend over and sit down at least, but don’t sacrifice a look cause you wanna be lazy. You can do anything for a few hours, girl.
3. Be Cute – obvisouly! This is of utmost importance lol!

This outfit is from Charlotte Russe+ They have really been keeping me cute lately! I love this green faux – suede skirt (so hot) and this high neck bodysuit is perfect for this type look. It keeps everything smooth and won’t be rolling up all night. Shop this look using widget below.

Heels – Nasty Gal
Bag – Vince Camuto

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