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Jamaica with Catherine’s & Friends

FullSizeRender 2 If you have been following me on social media then there is no way that you missed the incredible landscapes of beautiful Jamaica. Thanks to Catherine’s I was able to spend 4 magical days in Discovery Bay Jamaica along with 3 of my favorite blogger boo’s; Chante, Maddy, and Beck To say we had an amazing time is an understatement. While staying in our private Villa complete with Infiniti pool, private beach, and amazing food, Catherine’s treated us like royalty complete with a wardrobe for the occasion.

Once I arrived at the Villa the first order of business was a refreshing pina colada and coconut water. We had to make sure we were relaxed and ready for tons of fun and food.



The next morning consisted of Yoga. This was my first time trying yoga and I really liked it. I definitely plan to try it again. I wore the Catherine’s Yoga Legging and the Slice of Life Jacket. This was literally perfect for Yoga. The leggings had some tummy control which is always a plus.

After yoga we we spent the afternoon getting swedish massages.



Take a Dip

While we weren’t busy being yoga masters we were in the pool… with a pina colada of course. Catherine’s has the cutest romper swimsuit and it was perfect for a little bit of coverage around for your hips and butt. I was so comfortable in it and you could actually just wear it as a outfit. This cover up was also perfect.




I love to wear white at night, especially when on vacation. This dress is super easy and delicate enough for an evening affair.



Dinner 2

If you’re like me, you like to eat a lot on vacation. Nothing is off limits! So, this black dress is the ideal silhouette for dinners like this!


Day Excursion

I love to wear flowy tops and on vacation. This top did the trick. These shorts are also perfect for a day excursion. You never know where you day will take you. Shorts keep you cool and offer versatility when out running about.



IMG_3120 2

Farewell Dinner

Back at it again with a white dress! Love the bottom detail and shape of this dress!




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The was a unforgettable trip. I’m so thankful to Catherine’s for bringing me to paradise. Not only was the location amazing but the ladies were equally beautiful inside and out.

“The tans will fade but the memories will last forever”

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