My Maternity Session

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Happy Weekend, Guys! Well if you follow me on social media you probably saw that I became a mother like a week ago (9-25-16)!!! It’s been amazing already. We’re so blessed and so in love with our little Creedie (Creed)!

So I planned on getting this post up before he came but he came a little early. I guess he couldn’t wait any longer to be spoiled. Anyway his arrival kinda threw everything into crazy mode (she wasn’t readdyyy) but I’m still so excited to share with you my maternity shoot!

I imagined what this shoot would be like in my head and it turned out so much better than I could have hoped for. Special thanks to my amazing friends and creative directors/photographers, at Jai Carol &Co in Dallas!  I knew we had to work together on this.

I also wanted to take a sec and share my Top 5 Favorite Things About Being Pregnant.

  1. The Belly

For some this may be bothersome but I could not wait until my belly was noticeably large. I feel like thats when you get the best treatment! I was all about soaking up the benefits of pregnancy.

2. The Kicks

There’s nothing more magical than feeling something inside of you kicking and doing summersaults. I also had this weird feeling like he was running in my stomach… I’m still not sure what he was doing in there.

3. Eating

For real though! I was so happy to not not have to watch what I ate. There are some “suggestions” as to what you should and shouldn’t eat but my burgers, pizza, tacos, and ice cream fantasies came true like every day.

4. Baby Showers

Baby showers are so much fun. Every shower I had was different but equally as fun. Did you know that a baby pigeon is called a squab? These are the things you learn at a baby shower lol.

5. The Pampering

I used the preggo card every chance I had. Sometimes I would forget and my husband got off easy. He read that he was supposed to go to the grocery store for me so I didn’t even have to address that but I told him that I read somewhere that I couldn’t do laundry anymore, hehe (I made that one up)

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