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Let’s face it, it’s just too hot to wear anything else! No really, I love my new distressed denim shorts from F21! I’m so happy that in 2013 plus sizers understand we can participate in whatever summer trend we want. Summer is not just for size zero! Besides, if anybody needs every inch of their body to breathe in this heat, it would be us! Of course I am an advocate for always keeping it classy, whatever size you are. I felt these are appropriate and show just the right amount of leg for those weekend occasions when dress-code permits.

These shorts look WAY shorter on the model. I’m 5’8, so she must be at least 6 feet tall.- Distressed Denim Shorts

I got my sweater at Marshalls, but this is another option. - Sweater

Striped top is from Anthropologie. - Peplum

This is a similar blazer. - Blazer

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