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Into the Wilderness with Old Navy

Oh my gosh! How much buffalo plaid can you take in one post?! I hope you guys are here for this twinning look as much as I am! We’re totally ready to cut down a Christmas tree or something outdoorsy (lol)!

I can’t resist buffalo plaid. I’m a repeat offender year after year. I personally like it because it’s so it’s easy to pair with other patterns and textures, but it’s still bold on it’s own. It also just screams cozy fall/winter days!  I think it should be a staple in everyone’s fall/winter wardrobe.

Me and Creed got our looks from Old Navy! I love how they always have something for me and the entire family. I would have thrown Mike in the mix if he didn’t have to take the photos, (lol)!

I’m going to be living in the sweater, literally. It’s a true staple and I think I actually might need to get an extra just incase. I paired the sweater with a buffalo plaid shirt from Old Navy. It may seem a bit over the top but it works because the prints are completely different in size but not color. Had the check in the shirt been bigger this might look a little off. The camo jeans are a little extra but I truly feel both prints are neutral and can mix with practically anything.

I’ve linked our looks and some other faves from Old Navy for you to check out. *Check your local store for jeans.

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